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Problem with hfs and w7 64bit

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You need use w7 if you wanna understand me... but i think you dont do that..

Indeed, I would not do that.

Rejetto use W7... and he does not seem to have found bugs either.


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He using w7 unlimited 64BIT???
i dont think so... how he cant see this bug..

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You told me (and confirmed) the problem was introduced in version #244, while it was actually introduced in #263.
This misled me for long.
Now I finally fixed the problem, and you will see it in next release (267).
It was not related to the 64bit thing.

As a general tip: when you click on the tray area and the extra icons are displayed in the little box, you can drag&drop these extra icons to the bar below. This is much faster than opening the dialog as you are doing.