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Please Keep &RQ Small

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i think &RQ will always be handy on slow machines
if i introduce a new slow feature is cause i think it's a great multi-language is

if i will implement birthday notification it's cause it won't slow anything and it won't eat 1mb ram (and won't take a week programming)

in the new release there will be an unexpected feature: playing audio cd
it could make you laugh, but it's a couple of kb, it doesn't slow anything, it fits well the design, and sometimes i need it
this feature is only a command for hotkeys.
i'm sure that noone will notice something bad with it.

It doesn't make sense like ICQ, to have alarm feature but to be unable to deal with url bookmark.


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I totally agree with Rakkir's statement concerning the bloatet ICQ and the need to switch off the features someone doesn't want or need. A plug-in system is in some way great, so other helpful people could help this project by building-in cool extra features for the people with need it.
But I must agree with rejetto, too. Birthday reminder isn't the worst thing and is not one of the "memory eaters". Keep it small (no email checks!!! no voice chat !!! -> plugins!) but don't make it too "pure".

keep up the goooood work!



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   First off I would like to thank the "rat man" for bringing us all &RQ. I use it as my primary ICQ client and happily switched to it several versions ago. Keep up the good work!

    With that well-deserved note of thanks out of the way, here is my primary concern. I am worried about &RQ becoming bloatware, just like the RESOURCE HOG that ICQ has become. I grew sick of ICQ when the developers took the "throw in everything but the kitchen sink" approach. It became huge, bloated, and s-l-o-w. In fact, it became so huge it was unusable on my wife's laptop. It got to the point where I grew so sick of it, that I wrote a simple ICQ clone in PERL (MS-DOS text based). But then ICQ  changed the protocol anyhow and there were "issues."
    Now, certainley, I don't expect all code to be designed for low end machines and codded in assembly, but I feel most people will agree that ICQ is a huge resource-hog and uses FAR more CPU time and RAM then necessary. Especially considering that most users don't use half of its so called "features." Now, this isin't "empirical evidence" here, but how many people actually -use- ICQ to act as a web-server for them, or use it as their primary e-mail cilent? Let alone use it to design web-pages!?Ughhh!!!!
    That's why I hope &RQ remains small, without all the bloat associated with ICQ. If additional features were desired, they could be added later, perhaps through some "plug-in" architecture. I had heard this thought mentioned somewhere on the forum. Alternatively, perhaps they could be defined in the preferences, so that if a feature is not desired it is NOT loaded at startup and DOES NOT take up memory or CPU cycles.
   That's one of my biggest problems with ICQ. I wouldn't mind all the so called "features" if you could ONLY turn them off and keep them from slowing your machine down!
   Now, maybe on the high-end realm of GHZ plus PC's, all this is a non-issue, but there is a lot of us not ON those machines. Especially in countries outside the U.S.. Besides, even if all did have GHZ machines, it's just the "principal" of the matter. Why design such bloatware garbage when you can create a far more "elegant" design? I know that when I program things (simple programs for my hobbies) I always try to design for effeciency.
   It would seem to me a "plug-in" style, or modular design where you can turn things off, would be the best of both worlds. Allowing people who want certain features to leave them on, while allowing others to create a "lean" version.

I see Core features as being:
1: Messaging.
2: Adding Contacts
3: Signing up for ICQ accounts.
4: History
5: User Info (getting and setting)

I see these as "so-so" features I use SOMETIMES (possible plug-ins):
1: Contact list transfer.
2: Web-Page URL transfer (why not just copy the link as text?)
3: File Transfer.

The following are features I would NEVER through ICQ as I find them better served by other software anyways (definite plug-ins):
1: Web-server (gag!)
2: E-mail client.
3: "Cards"
4: Birthday reminders.
5: Voice chat.
6: Just about everything else.

Now, as I said before, my personal experience certainley isin't a "good sampling" of the general population, but, I have the sneaky hunch I -am- representative of the "typical" ICQ user. Furthermore, I see all these polls like "What would you like to see in [Insert program name here]" and I see a lot of replies that just seem somewhat silly. I also don't think a lot of these people who reply realize that there are trade-offs involved in giving them what they want. None of these features come for "free," and result in buggy code and/or resource usage.

However, in the end, I understand that a lot of people prefer "bells & whistles" because they don't understand the problems these cause. And, ultimately, the code to &RQ is not up to me to develop so....

I just LOVE what &RQ is compared to ICQ, and would like to see it STAY that way, and not fall into the same pitfalls that befell ICQ.

Thank you once again for your time, and this wonderful program. Please let me know what you think.