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When &RQ v1.0?

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When r u planning version 1.0 to come out? Actually i'm not really interested in version as its self, but im looking for filetransfer fasility and animated gif smiles. Can u tell me the approximate date of version 1.0 to come out?
Thank u. Have a nice day.
The program you'r working on is imho the best, but there r things that it lacks ^.  :!:

all i know about this subject is written on the website ;)

Will it include some smilies or use the same smilies without typing it like ICQ?

just don't know
guys, i don't think 1.0 will come in 2003

What the trouble man? You need some Russian Vodka for fantasy advance?
Are u still working on Open Source ?
Come on, don't give it up! You soft the best !
We need you!


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