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Authorization vs restriction

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Hello all,
This is an amazing piece of software,  I am impressed.

Just a quick question though: As of now I haven't found the way to be able to "authorize" access to a user instead of "restricting" it to one or more users.

That would mean that HFS would be turned into an authorization mode rather than a restriction one.
In other words, by default, added files and directories would be forbidden for everyone and you would be able to authorize access to users instead of the contrary : added files are available to everyone and you have to restrict them to a certain users.

Did I miss the option or is it a choice to have things done this way.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Try placing an access limit on the root of the HFS tree instead of the files. That way you will need to grant 'access' to one or more account as you wish.

ps. hfs tree root = /

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welcome wokmichel!

there may be several solutions to your problem, and i don't know the best one since i don't know your situation in detail.
anyway, if kremlin's advice doesn't fit your needs, you may try creating a fake account, with impossible password, and restrict to that account the stuff you don't know yet to who you will give access.

also consider using user groups, available in version 2.3 (currently in beta, but very stable)