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Testing build #236

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I have started a fresh HFS after tidying up my messy HFS directory.

I have noticed you telling people that they do not need the template folder to be beside their HFS for it to be imported when installing a template. But its not working for me, I change my template file to the template I am working on in a different folder (trying a new way to increase productivity), and it doesn't work. HFS doesn't even use that template file. It stays with default. Unless I do it the old school way. It also feels as if HFS is stuck in a loop.

This is the code I am using still:
Code: [Select]
{.add folder|real|template.}
{.set item|/template|hide.}
{.set item|/template|no log.}
{.dialog|Thank you for installing the template!.}

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From Rejetto:
Ok, finally i found how to fix it.
I would rather now publish #237 as #236 would have never existed.

Topic is closed, report your post in build 237 ;)