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HTTP Share a Network Folder?

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Linux - We have a linux box (A heavily customized pogoplug) that has some drives connected to it, that runs a bunch of services. The drives are all shared via Samba so we can easily access them on our windows machines. We dont have access to alter the pogoplug - it's setup is basically read-only right now, and even if we did, we would have to rebuild the heavily customized operating system (We're not the ones who did it, we got it from a friend who did it that didn't want it anymore.)

Windows - We have another machine that's running windows, which runs a few other services, including uTorrent and remote desktop if we need to access the server.

Me and my roommate were both thinking about how it would be helpful if we could access all of our network files through a single http share. What expedited the process, is he just got a chromebook, and the chromebook doesn't have Samba, and can't see windows shares at all.

We looked around a bit, and decided to put HFS on our windows server. It does great for sharing files from the harddrive attached to it. However, it doesn't play well with network shares. Initially I thought maybe it was just because it was a network share and it wasn't looking at the folder, so I made symbolic links to the network shares and tried to put those up in HFS. Unfortunately, the network shares show up as empty directories. Additionally, moving the harddisks to the windows machine didn't work, as they're not NTFS, and formatting them would mean finding somewhere to back up 5TB of data that we just don't have more harddrive space for.


tl;dr - We need to figure out how to get HFS to share the contents of a windows simple network share over http, and are looking for advice on how to accomplish that.

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How to share a network resource with HFS?

HFS must run on a machine with an account that has access to read and possibly write about shared resources on the network rights.

Select Add a new folder from disk to the VFS and enter the full path of your resource.


and validate

Add it as Real Folder, then change its permissions for HFS accounts

If that does not work, you can always assign a drive letter to the network resource and use this new drive as real folder in HFS

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i just drag&dropped a networked folder (smb), that turns to be \\pcmax\upload
and hfs had no problem in handling it, i can see the file in it.
I don't know what your problem is, but try hfs 2.3 if you didn't yet.

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Install (LAMP) - Apache and setup a webshare...
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive: