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Open in new window code for file system.

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I didn't know appending that to the url would open a new window...

target="_blank" is the only way, Unless you want to use javascript, then anything is possible, however it is more complex.

It depends on the browser and options like you have all said here. Rejetto should not have to add this as a feature of hfs.

To be honest I used to target="_blank" a lot of links. But it decreases usability and can be annoying for users. A lot of people like to select for themselves. In Firefox it is the first option in the context menu of a link. It is best to keep most links within the same site opening in the same window. Some external links might be best as a new window, but I even find most people prefer external links opening in the same window, even if it does draw attention away from your own website.

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I also didn't know you could append that to a URL :p

The company I work for uses target="_blank" fairly regularly and so do a lot of other sites.  However, the web standards are in agreement with TSG - the decision to open a page in a new window/tab should be left with the user and not determined in code.  In fact, in the W3C standards the target attribute is not part of (X)HTML Strict and is intended to only be used in conjunction with frames.

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I am just trying to balance ... what if the link in the template were to reflect the option to open in a new window/tab instead?...

Link = regular behavior
     [option1= open in new window]     [option2= open in new tab]

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I also didn't know you could append that to a URL :p

you can't.
the workaround suggested by r][m is a sort of injection[1]. it works because HFS merely copies what you typed inside the tag.

[1] just as the ones used for attacks