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Just started exploring HFS and was impressed with it.  Came to this forum with enthusiasm which was soon dashed by this forum software. 

Initial registration went fine.  Received email and activated account.  Then I went to Profile settings.  There, I did NOT change my email address, but the system told me that I did.  It then required a new email activation code.  Did that several times, but login attempts always brought me back to the previous sentence.

Added:  Now it won't accept this post because my name (Matt), which was good enough for it when registering, is no longer acceptable.  I'll modify it to Matt2 and try again.


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Here is an extract of the list of the registered  persons, the identifier MATT does not appear to it, thus you have to recreate it to be able to use it.


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Mars, thank you for the reply. 

Tried to re-register and re-activate numerous times.  Perhaps I did something wrong that triggered a block for my registration.

I'll wait for the board moderator(s) to correct either the system error or (more likely) my error. 

Meanwhile, now that I've started playing with HFS, I remain impressed with its intelligent design, quality, and noteworthy flexibility.

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hi matt, welcome, thanks for your kind words!

i manually re-activated your account.
i hope the problem will go away.
otherwise consider contacting me via email
the reason why it doesn't let you post as Matt/anonymous is because you reserved that name by registering.

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Thanks for your helpfulness in re-activating my account and in explaining the problem.  For a while, I thought I'd have to legally change my name from Matt to Matt2 :-)

I'll find a suitable topic to post some initial thoughts about HFS.   Thanks again.