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[OT] funny message :)

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I subscribed to the icq-devel mailing list, it is about programming icq compatible systems.
I'm not used to post OT messages here, but lately we got this funny message, i fear it is true, about ICQ and coffee.

Howdy folks,

I'm looking for a Java API for ICQ and I haven't really been able to
find what i'm looking for so I thought I could check with the list here.
I haven't been on the list very long so I hope you excuse me if this has
been discussed before. I know there exists a couple of Java ICQ clients
out there and so but I just want a clean and simple API to connect to
the ICQ net so to say. What I intend to do is to connect our
coffemachine here at work to ICQ. When a fresh pot of coffee is ready I
want a certain ICQ user to log on, after 15 minutes change status to
Away and finally after 30 minutes fo offline. I have it working with
micq but I want to run the whole thing on an
embedded system with a JVM( so therefore
I'm looking for a Java only version. And I do not really need all the
functionality of micq nor cant I use the any graphical system since the
embedded machine does not have a display.

Karl-Petter Ã…kesson
SICS - Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB

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LOL !!!

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