Author Topic: Search box defaultly searching in current directory?[solved]  (Read 1501 times)

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Will copy-paste from mail sent to rawr, don't blame me for this  :)
I'd like to provide a very fast way to search into directories, recursively, and from the current level, just from the first search box the template provides. Also, I'd like the advanced search to start with recursive and "from current level" checked.

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Ok, got the advanced search default option to current level :)
Code: [Select]
+lv_folders+"<input type=radio name=choice value=\"both\" checked=0/> "+lv_both+"<input type=checkbox name=recursive checked=0/> "+lv_recursive+"<br><input type=radio name=root value=\"root\"/> "+lv_root+"<input type=radio name=root value=\"current\" checked=0/> "+lv_current+"</form>";
Ok, here I am, since TSG wasn't to give personal support(I'm not criticizing or anything, it's all right!) , I thought to ask you all right here in the forums, ideas?

Wow, I'm impressed it was SO simple! For those interested that's how I managed to do it:
In RAWR-Template-0.1.1.tpl look for:
Code: [Select]
<div class="modContent" id="Folder_Tasks">


<form action="/" name="simpleSearch" method="get">
Code: [Select]
<form action="/" to
Code: [Select]
<form action=""And woila, it's done :o
So far, soo good 8)
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