Author Topic: Terayon v1.3.1 BETA  (Read 1456 times)

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Terayon v1.3.1 BETA
« on: July 22, 2008, 02:37:07 PM »
Terayon v1.3.1 Released!

[new]    RAWR-Player-0.2.0, FLV Support!
[new]    Updates to certain areas, they now use some basic macro.

[fix] Bug from 1.3.0 that required a fix.

[chg] No more DivX player, same reasons as RAWR-Template.

This is now the permanent fix for 1.3.0, I have added some basic macro, but this is NOT the Macro release of Terayon, the full macro release of Terayon will start at Terayon v2.0.0, this will not be made until I complete this year of university, (I expect November sometime).

Post any bugs, I am unsure how I went with updating it, I am used to the more elegant use of Macro and JavaScript from RAWR-Template, this template is showing its age.

I apologise to the 12 people that downloaded quickly, I found some major bugs and fixed them a few minutes later.

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