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&RQ auto-hide Bug

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Set auto-hide to 0.5 or 1 second, and You will have trouble in dealing with the menu in CL...

When mouse pointer leaves the CL window area, auto-hide gets triggered! :cry:

This happens coz, probably, the auto-hide feature is based in the mouse position (IF mouse pointer is over CL window, don't hide! ELSE, start auto-hide countdown). Am I right?
Well.. If this is true, I suggest to base the auto-hide feature in the events of CL window being ACTIVE or INACTIVE, to start auto-hide countdown.


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In fact... You can have CL window OPENED and INACTIVE at the same time!

Here's how:
- set auto-hide to... 1 second (for example).
- open CL window.
- open chat window with some user (double-clicking the name) and leave it ACTIVE.
- If you moved the mouse away, return mouse pointer to the CL window area!

Result: CL window inactive, but not auto-hided...

By the way:
move mouse away from the CL window area and it will (auto)hide!  B)

CL = Contact List (for better understanding)

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