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Strange HFS log entries

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Mr Tickle

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While checking my HFS log I noticed the following entry :-
22/06/2008 04:07:12 Requested GET /
22/06/2008 04:07:12 Served 8.81 KB
This is about 5k larger than I would normally expect. I connected myself to check this :-
22/06/2008 07:29:12 Requested GET /
22/06/2008 07:29:12 Served 2.78 KB
It seems this behaviour happens once a day. I have no idea whatsoever what or who the ip belongs to. What do you think is happening here?

Offline Foggy

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the ip belongs to a subdomain of,

I can only guess that the size is different because they either dont have something cached and need to redownload it or they are getting an error page.

try enabling more info in the log,

right click on log > log what

Mr Tickle

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OK done that. Also banned the port range 208.800.000.000-208.800.255.255 < hope I got the syntax right on that!
I will see if it happens again now. Thanks for the reply :-)

Offline rejetto

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the syntax 208.800.* wil do the same job

for the difference in the number of bytes sent, i guess they don't support compression, so the page is larger.
Any real brower supports compression, but clearly they don't use a browser but a spider.