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i need a software to simulate the click on the "refresh network list" in the wifi administration of XP.
it's because i often prefer the keyboard in place of the mouse, and after i switch on my wifi it happened i waited for 1 minute or more.
I searched the web, and found 2-3 other people asking the same thing, but no software, so i tried to build one.
i'm using it, but i'm uncertain about its effectiveness.
as far as i know it is compatible with Vista.
is there out there one of you who has the same need and would like to test?
the point is the i would publish it only if i'm sure it is useful/working.

Program attached.
Requires XP+SP3 or Vista.

I already know it doesn't appear to refresh the list in the window.
It's not a problem anyway, the goal of this program is to force Windows to connect to your access point when it waits too long.
If this problem doesn't apply to you, you won't be able to test its effectiveness.

I had forgotten to put the link, saddened

i fear you missed the whole point of this topic/program :)

rnl.exe tested on 'Microsoft zero config' connected from hercules wifi card  to a livebox


Refresh Network List 1.0 Beta1

Requesting   ..... failed

Can you put more messages of information concerning for example the progress and the calls of external programs.


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