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HFS Access Violation when VNC

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Hey, all-
Been playing with HFS today, looks like exactly what I've been looking for.  Thanks!

I see others have had some issues with receiving "access violation" errors occasionally.  I've tried a few of the suggestions, but have had no luck.

I have, however, found I can recreate the problem pretty simply.  I connect to my HFS Server machine via VNC (RealVNC).  If I turn off mouse access in VNC, I that Access Violation NEVER happens.  If I leave mouse access on, but leave my mouse in the 'log' section of the HFS screen, that error NEVER happens.  The minute I move my mouse to any other part of HFS' screen, I get the error.  If I move the  mouse to the tree view, then use the keyboard to hit 'OK' on the error without moving my mouse at all, I don't get the error.  I've changed every mouse-related setting in VNC that I can find, and the only thing that consistently stops the error is disabling mouse movements.  

I have no idea what is going on here, but for about 2 hours now I've been playing with this and have consistently the same results.  Mouse movement outside the 'log' section of the screen results in Access Violations, mouse movement inside the 'log' section is OK, and mouse disabling is OK.

Sorry I can't come up with a solution for this, but maybe Rejetto may have some ideas to try...

Thanks for the great software!

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This is not an actual fix to the bug, but it may suit your needs: LogMeIn.

It's free, does not (atleast not anymore) conflict with HFS and does not need to be configured in routers or anything, try it :).


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Hey, GiantEagle!

I actually use logmein when I'm helping remote family members, but for just in-house stuff it gets kinda cumbersome.  Problem is the machine HFS runs on has no monitor/keyboard/mouse.  It's just a box with a power and network cable. :)

Anyway, I have an update.  I just restarted HFS as all my users were gone, and noticed that after the restart I started getting hint bubbles on the screen when I hover over something.  I hovered around a whole bunch of places and discovered the only place I did NOT get a hint bubble was over the log window.  Coincidence?  I think not. :)

I think there's something about those hint bubbles that's causing the Access Violation problems, at least with VNC and possibly with other folks that have had issues.  I'm curious to see if others can replicate this issue.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the reply!

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I use tightVNC with direct conection and also with web-interface to change everything in HFS when I'm outside, without any problem.

I also have used without any problem Teamviewer for the same purpose (configuring HFS) on remote computers.

Note: all computers are running XPproSP2.
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Your intuitions seem to be good Craiger.
You told you restarted HFS and saw the hints. So, after restarting the problem disappeared for a while?
Can you try using another VNC ? like ultraVNC. and see if the problem persists.


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Hey, Rejetto-

Thanks for the reply.  It's been working fine since the restart yesterday.  If the problems get to be a real problem I may consider switching - I understand UltraVNC has a lot more features than RealVNC, but RealVNC is what I started with and already have it installed in so many places (USB stick, 6 computers around the house, etc).

Still learning a lot about HFS (comments, etc) and loving it.  Thanks for the great program and expect a little donation in the near future!