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Would it be possible to create a robots.txt file that stopped crawlers reading any profile pages? As it stands, if you
put your email/msn addresses in your profile you run the risk of every spam crawler known to man getting your
details and bombarding your email :(

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profile -> account related -> "Hide email address from public"

but i accept a proposal for a robots.txt :)

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sti ton ottejer moruf, evad stsop ru liame no smurof, staht tahw u teg rof gnissip mih ffo, i dlot mih ot pots tub eh tnow

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ebyam ew dluohs trats gniklat gip nital txen.  ohw swonk, ti thgim krow!

gip nital:
aybemay eway ouldshay artstay alkingtay igpay atinlay extnay. 
owhay owsknay itway ightmay orkway! :)
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