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I have an mp3 file that i would like users to play in their browser using quicktime, but hfs keeps offering it as a file download. I have added *.mp3 to the don't consider as download list. Does anyone know why it is still doing this?

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Menu -> Other options -> Open directly in browser -> and fill in the field.  As for how the file is opened on the client side browser it all depends on what they have configured to open mp3 files and it may not be quicktime.  IMHO Winamp is a better choice for mp3.

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Use flash, both the methods stated require the user to have software installe. Quicktime is the better choice, more common, though it is very slow to load on general computers. It even used to freeze browsers on my parents computer (2ghz P4 thingy). Flash is essential for web browsing these days. hit the Preview RAWR-Player. Thats a VBR 133kbps .mp3 file supplied for use by rejetto himself :D

btw, don't consider as download will just make the counters ignore it. Mav has the idea with the open in browser option in HFS