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huge question

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ok so...... on standard websites... you can just make the account right there opn the website.... and im assuming that the data for those accounts are stored in a SQL server........ i dont suppose that in any hfs can be made to do this....
now i really dont know what SQL servers do....except store input data from the website
but is there any way that hfs can have some form of allowing people to make there own accounts on the webpage its self.
i made an account on here... i didnt go to his computer and put my name in a little grid and all that other stuff..... now i know how all this works... i just think.... if it isnt possible.... then it is a GREAT suggestion!
i love hfs!
and im hooked on it
some how
and im loven the  HFS LIVE 2...OMG! that is the coolest!
well thanxz for readen this

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it may come in the future, but not soon

but what's the point in letting people create their account? HFS is not a forum. creating an account gives no access. you must always add the account to folders, etc.