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A way to display *.mp3 tags

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For those who want to see more than track01.mp3, ..., track11.mp3
in folder listing I can present a small utility mp3ToIon.
It is command line app and when run in a folder containg *.mp3, *.ogg and may be *.wma (haven't any to test) with tag info present, It extracts tag info in file descript.ion in that folder.
HFS from build 106 handle it very nice.

P.S. In attachment: utility and sources to it
P.P.S. I wrote it ages ago and lost newer sources, but look in archives to try to find it if anyone is interested.

Tnx a lot is a very nice tool  :D

Excellent utility!  Thanks.  I does work with wma files also.

Would a utility like this be able to display the video resolution of an avi/divx file?

Want a method of putting the video info on a page.

Found latest sources


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