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i don't exactly know whats the problem but i will include every detail i noe =)

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Alright.. i am new here cause i was yahoo-ing for information about port fowarding and i ended up here.
i have been trying to port forward for a game called GunZ which needs ports 7700-7800 and 6000-8000.
i when into selected my router <speedtouch 585> and did a static ip as required <>,next i when on to my speedtouch homepage (http://speedtouch.lan) and i created a new game under games and applications sharing and set the ports 7700-7800 and 6000-8000 repectively.

Lastly i went to windows live onecare which i am using to set its firewall setting to enable the ports 7700-7800 and 6000-8000 in the firewall. i do not have any other firewall enabled on my computer. Not that i know of anyways . however i still did not manage to port forward my ports. As it is noted on the game as Agent Error which means my ping to others is either 0 or 999 which also means i am not connected to them.

I played different versions of GunZ and those who play GunZ would know wads Agent Error and North American GunZ ( have something called NAT configuration set and instantly i can play however wif quite a reasonable amount of ping (200+). I played GunZ before i changed my internet plans and was fine (ping <100)with it before and now i have this problem with speedtouch 585.Anyone can offer some help now thanks  :)

By the way i am using Windows XP service pack 2
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This has nothing to do with HFS lol.

I don't play GunZ so i have no idea.

I'll move it to everything else forum. Maybe one of the other forum members will have an idea.

EDIT: Moved Now.