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Compatibility with realtime videostreaming mms://

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Hello to the forum,

I may be too ambitious, then I found out this little streaming video server called Procast which can run on your own computer.

Let aside port and router problems that may arise between two Pc on the same Lan or only one pc hosting both HFS and Procast (or a web server) I’m looking first if the description underneath could suit HFS Templates ?

In any case, the use of Procast seems exciting when you look in a way to diffuse real time video stream such a Ip camera, DV recorder, TV card, webcam... (I'm sure you would all be glad to have a peek at the fabulous Alpes mountains from Lyon ;) )

Here is the brief description :

Two ways of implementation are possible  :

· Integration of a direct video stream can be done through a direct link to the ip adress : it only consist of  callng a video stream through hypertext link.
Exemple de code : <A href="mms://mon_ip:port">Read my video</A>

· Far complexe but far more interesting is to intégrate within the web page embed tags as follow : 

SRC : URL complete description of file location. In your case "mms://xx.xx.xx.xx:port"
ex : mms:// yyyy

- example for Real (rm) with  <embed>
<embed src="video.rm" widht=320 height=240 autostart="true">

details of html code :

- Windows Media : (.wmv / .wma / .avi / .mpg / .mp3 / .mp4) you mus have  :
<EMBED TYPE="application/x-mplayer2" SRC="mms://my_ip:port"

Real (.ram / .rm / .smi / .mp4 / .mp3 / .mpg / .rm)
<EMBED TYPE="audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin" SRC=""WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240" AUTOSTART="true" CONTROLS="imagewindow" CONSOLE="video">

Quicktime (.qtl / .mov / .mpg / .mp4 / .mp3)
<EMBED TYPE="video/quicktime " SRC="mms://my_ip:port?embed"
WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240" AUTOPLAY="true" CONTROLLER="false">
For automatic display you should indicate
AUTOSTART="1" for Windows Media
AUTOPLAY="true" for Quicktime
AUTOSTART="true" pfor Real

Procast is in beta version – and all in French ! – so that’s all I could get for now
Many thanks for your opinion


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Hello to u all

Update :

Windows Media Encoder 9 series working perfectly with Procast as a user interface (Unicast - port 8080)
Got a htm page looking like this :

<META HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
<script language="JavaScript">
      var L_LAUNCHSAP_TEXT = "Lancer le Lecteur Windows Media en version autonome";
      var g_bNetscape = ( -1 != navigator.appName.indexOf( "Netscape" ) );
      font-size : medium;
      font-family : Tahoma, Arial, Sans Serif;
      font-weight : normal;
      font-style : normal;
      color : #FFFFFF;
      background-color : #3366CC;
      border-style : none;
      color : #66CCFF;
      font-weight : bold;
<script language="JavaScript">
      if ( navigator.appName == "Netscape" )
      {            //-- This next line ensures that any plugins just installed are updated in the Browser
               //-- without quitting the browser.
      } //-->
      Sub cmdStandAlone_onclick
         If isobject(WMP) Then
            If WMP.playstate > 0 Then
            End If
            location.href = "mms://"
         End If
      End Sub
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0">
<div align="center">
    <table border="0" width="68%" height="80%">
        <td width="100%" height="556">
          <p align="center">&nbsp;
          <p align="center"><b>Contenu Windows Media</b>
          <p align="center"><b>Cette video est diffus&eacute;e en live par TCube</b>
          <p align="center"><b><a href="http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//" target="_blank">http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx//</a></b>
          <p align="center"> <object data="mms://" type="video/x-ms-wmv"
             width="500" height="375">

              <param name="ShowStatusBar" value="1">
              <param name="src" value="mms://">
              <param name="autostart" value="1">
              <param name="volume" value="1">
              <param name="AudioStream" value="1">
              <param name="AutoSize" value="0">
              <param name="AnimationAtStart" value="0">
              <param name="AllowScan" value="-1">
              <param name="AllowChangeDisplaySize" value="-1">
              <param name="Balance" value="0">
              <param name="BaseURL" value>
              <param name="BufferingTime" value="5">
              <param name="CaptioningID" value>
              <param name="ClickToPlay" value="-1">
              <param name="CursorType" value="0">
              <param name="CurrentPosition" value="-1">
              <param name="CurrentMarker" value="0">
              <param name="DefaultFrame" value>
              <param name="DisplayBackColor" value="0">
              <param name="DisplayForeColor" value="16777215">
              <param name="DisplayMode" value="1">
              <param name="DisplaySize" value="2">
              <param name="Enabled" value="-1">
              <param name="EnableContextMenu" value="-1">
              <param name="EnablePositionControls" value="-1">
              <param name="EnableFullScreenControls" value="1">
              <param name="EnableTracker" value="-1">
              <param name="InvokeURLs" value="-1">
              <param name="Language" value="-1">
              <param name="Mute" value="0">
              <param name="PlayCount" value="1">
              <param name="PreviewMode" value="1">
              <param name="Rate" value="1">
              <param name="SAMILang" value>
              <param name="SAMIStyle" value>
              <param name="SAMIFileName" value>
              <param name="SelectionStart" value="-1">
              <param name="SelectionEnd" value="-1">
              <param name="SendOpenStateChangeEvents" value="-1">
              <param name="SendWarningEvents" value="-1">
              <param name="SendErrorEvents" value="-1">
              <param name="SendKeyboardEvents" value="0">
              <param name="SendMouseClickEvents" value="0">
              <param name="SendMouseMoveEvents" value="0">
              <param name="SendPlayStateChangeEvents" value="-1">
              <param name="ShowCaptioning" value="0">
              <param name="ShowControls" value="-1">
              <param name="ShowAudioControls" value="-1">
              <param name="ShowDisplay" value="0">
              <param name="ShowGotoBar" value="0">
              <param name="ShowPositionControls" value="0">
              <param name="ShowStatusBar" value="-1">
              <param name="ShowTracker" value="-1">
              <param name="TransparentAtStart" value="0">
              <param name="VideoBorderWidth" value="5">
              <param name="VideoBorderColor" value="333333">
              <param name="VideoBorder3D" value="-1">
              <param name="Volume" value="-1">
              <param name="WindowlessVideo" value="-1">

          <p align="center">
            <script language="Javascript">
            if( !g_bNetscape )
               document.writeln( "<input type=\"button\" id=\"cmdStandAlone\" value=\"" + L_LAUNCHSAP_TEXT + "\">" );
          <p align="center">&nbsp;
          <p align="center">Pour r&eacute;cup&eacute;rer le code de cette page,
            faites un clic droit puis &quot;afficher la source&quot;.

then using a shortcut of that *.htm page to HFS :

Works allright opened up HFS with Internet Explorer  :

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Hello !

With a little work over encoding and research for a smart video is available "24/24 ... from time to time"   ;) [loop mode ] you can also view full screen

I'll be really pleased if you have any comments.
Dead Link

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New software release, new name "Yookast" and new link,  same Hfs server. Now compatible with IE, FF and Opera with Windows Media Player as a plugin for mms://
The Video stream is started by my PC, send to an outside broadband Media Server (Paris based) then linked to my local Hfs by Html page . Unlimited users and U should have a 256/512 mo ddr video card for best full screen viewing !
Link removed


p.s it may not be working at the time on one condition : when anyone at my place got WebTv or movies on from our pc back to Tv sets
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Same configuration goes for Webcam.

Link removed !   ;)

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