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Here i will announce new versions and important news.

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Version 2.2 is out

Folder archive: download a folder with 1 click
Anti-leeching system (download accelerators)
Improved usability
Lot of new features
Many bug fixes

For details and download go to
Posted on: 18 July 2007, 05:07:42Versions 2.2a is out

It fixes 7 bugs
to know these bugs read what's new

Version 2.2b is out

Some hours ago, Luigi reported a security problem affecting all previous versions of HFS.
So i fixed it, and decided to pack in this new official version some other important fixes that were already available in testing versions.

To know more read the what's new

Version 2.2c is out

Felipe M. Aragon reported me a possible XSS attack.
His help was precious, now the problem is fixed and HFS is safe again. ;)

Version 2.2e is out

long time since last release, and i collected many bug fixes.
furthermore, Luigi Auriemma has found another security issue, that may let unauthorized downloads of protected resources.
this problem applies only to files you know the full url so, most cases, protected folders are not affected by this problem.


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