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[HFS] TCP/IP MSS handshake information disregarded

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Shpend Bakalli

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I noticed the problem as I connect to the net thorugh a PPTP tunnel.
I have installed HFS on a computer connected directly to internet through ethernet. The default MTU size is 1500 and the MSS 1460. Downloading from HFS from another computer connected through ethernet does not make any problems.
But when I connect to the server using my PPTP connection, my MSS is 1360 (MTU 1400).
When HFS starts transfering data, it sends "fragmented" packets, one containing 1360 bytes, and the other 100bytes. The packets are not fragmented on the IP level, but higher level protocols or socket implementation is sending the data in two separate packets.
This of course deteriorates the performance and throughput.


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that's not something i'm aware about. i don't mess around with MTU and MSS.
i don't even call directly Windows sockets but use a wrapper. i searched through it for MTU and MSS, and found nothing.
if you have any suggestion...