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Terayon v1.3.3 - Latest Release

No preview available here? Go here!

Quick install guide:
Extract the archive so that 'template' and 'Terayon vx.x.x.tpl' is  beside hfs.exe. Open HFS, go to 'Menu > HTML Template > Change Template' and select the .tpl file. Once this is successful. Hit the 'Open in browser' button located on the left side of HFS. The template is now set up.

For additional information, go to:

NOTE: This template requires you to use HFS 2.3 beta.

Enjoy all the new features, post any bugs on the forum, they are inevitable.

Terayon v1.3.3 Change list
[new] Updated RAWR-Player.
[new] DivX Web Player and WMP support.
[new] Updated some macros.
[chg] Image Rotator Removed!

Terayon v1.3.2 Change list
[new]   Alternate row colours now use Macro.
[new]   Advanced search implemented from RAWR-Template and ToG.
[new]   Folder system updated to use the same layout as RAWR-Template and ToG.
[new]   Dialog when installing template and auto-import Macro.
[new]   Macro check for updates feature implemented.
[new]   More Macro added to the folder options panel and other areas that work better using macro.
[new]   Macro shoutbox, same one that RAWR-Template and ToG use, saves users finding and linking that old external one.
[new]   Improved javascript, Terayon now runs mostly on the newer and more streamlined javascript functions.
[new]   More improved 'icon creator', it is more basic that before.

[fix]     Improved efficiency by removing as many page load functions as possible and replacing them with simple Macros.
[fix]     Cleaned up the formatting a bit, used tabs instead of 3-4 spaces to reduce overall template size.
[fix]     When cleaning the formatting, many unclosed and extra html tags were found.

Terayon v1.3.1 Change list
[new]    RAWR-Player-0.2.0, FLV Support!
[new]    Updates to certain areas, they now use some basic macro.

[chg]    No more DivX player, same reasons as RAWR-Template.

[fix]    Bug from 1.3.0 that required a fix.

Terayon v1.3.0 Change list
[new]    Terayon styled QuickLink icons
[new]    Modules on the right of the page to show additional information
[new]    The modules stay hidden upon page refresh or if you browse to a different folder if you've pressed the hide button
[new]    An image SlideShow
[new]    Sort on: Size, Date, Hits and Name have been added correctly
[new]    An advanced text version of the FileList
[new]    Disables the archive download button if the folder is not archivable
[new]    Support for a shoutbox from
[new]    RAWR-Preview Box, Supports: Images, DivX Videos, Mp3 player and Flash player
[new]    Alternate row colors
[new]    IconGenerator - If there is no icon available, it generates an dynamic icon
[new]    Server Traffic auto-updates after 10 seconds
[new]    A search bar to search a specific file on the server
[new]    Faster template generation, Terayon makes use of the latest feature: "Macro's"
[chg]    The file list has been re-organized
[chg]    File stats column has been removed, additional file information now appears under the filename
[chg]    Upload page and Upload result page have been updated
[chg]    No-file page has been updated
[chg]    <a> tags now highlight in red by default
[chg]    The header and the control bar are merged
[chg]    The 'FileServer ::' titles are no more, (Gives a cleaner look)
[chg]    The 'FileServer :: Message' box has been completely removed.
[chg]    Entire page width increased by 5% (85%)
[chg]    Template images have been decreased in size by around 50% (Icon sizes remain the same)
[fix]    Fixed the column span bug
[fix]    Alot of IE incompatibility bugs
[fix]    A few incompatibility bugs with opera
[fix]    Removed the file links in Upload results page. (Already existing files generatd false links)
[fix]    The no-file page had a link that pointed to %item-url%
[fix]    The version of HFS was static (DOH)

Terayon v1.2.1 Change list
[fix]    Fixed the 3.01 error you get while using the browsable folder tree in Internet Explorer.
[fix]    A link showed %item-dl-count%, it now shows Link

Terayon v1.2.0 Change list
[new]    Browsable folder tree has been added.
[new]    Quicklink and Extra's tab has been added.
[new]    File information is now stored in one data cell.
[new]    The 'About' page with credits and other stuff.
[new]    'Check for Updates' page has been added. With this, you can check if your version is still up to date.
[new]    By clicking on the 'Zoom' icon you can preview an image.
[new]    By clicking on the 'Flash' icon next to an .mp3 file, a tiny Flash Player will show up and play the file.
[new]    2 New icons have been added: .SWF and .FLV
[new]    By clicking on the 'Media' icon next to an .wmv file, you can play and stream it directly with Windows Media Player.
[new]    Sort on filename, date, size and hits has been added.
[new]    Added a "Back to previous page.." button in the error and upload results pages.
[upd]    The upload result page has a new look.
[upd]    MP3 player 3.1 updated to Flash Media Player 3.2
[upd]    Template folder reorganized.
[upd]    Title only shows the current folder name (Requires build #081).
[upd]    All the icons and other images are reduced in size by 60 - 80%
[upd]    Improved the code of the HFS Terayon template alot.
[upd]    Changed 'Root' to 'Home' in the link bar.
[upd]    Changed 'The Root' to 'Index of the FileServer' as the message above the %folder-comment%.
[upd]    Changed the character set to UTF-8.
[fix]    Removed a lot of bugs from the template code. Too much to write down, IF i can remember them all.
[fix]    Most of the Internet Explorer bugs are fixed now. This template should be compatible with IE now.

Terayon v1.1 Change list
[new]    Forum link now opens in a new window.
[new]    Images are part of the File link now
[new]    Default page message changed to %folder-comment%, just insert a comment to change the message.
[fix]    Server Stats and Status column header fixed.
[fix]    FileServer Error page title fixed.
[fix]    FileServer Error page wasnt showing the Host URL and the second top image on the top of the page.

Terayon v1.0b Change list
[fix]    Folders weren't showing the "Recently Added" Tag.

Terayon v1.0a Change list
[fix]    I disabled the upload button, so that no one could upload on my test server,
but the button was still disabled on the released version. This is Fixed.

Terayon v1.0 Feature list
[new]    When you are logged in, the Server Stats and Status are displayed at the bottom of the page
[new]    If you have upload rights in a folder, the Upload table will automatically show up below the Files table)
[new]    "Currently browsing:" doesnt show '/' when you are browsing the root, but shows "The Root" instead
[new]    When a file is downloaded more then 24 times, it shows a blue message below the file name
[new]    Very detailed Icons for various file extensions
[new]    Automatically generated playlists for a Flash Player
[new]    Music folder has a Flash Player on the top of the page
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