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Streaming AVI MOV's not quite working

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I want to stream training videos on the HFS server and I have it working on a test test page but when I try to incorporate it into HFS, I can't get it to work. Here's what I did:
I modified the AVI section as such:

Code: [Select]
   <td class="row1" align="center" valign="middle" height="50"><a href="%item-url%" class="messageimagelink"><img src="/template/icons/avi.gif" width="32" height="32" border="0"/></td>
   <td class="row6h" width="100%" height="50"><span class="forumlink"> <a href="%item-url%" class="forumlink">%item-name%</a><br />
   </span><span class="genmed">%comment%
   </span><span class="genmed">%new%</span><script language="javascript">var top='%item-dl-count%'; if (top > 24) { document.write ("<span class=bluetext><i>File has been downloaded %item-dl-count% times now!!</i></span>") }</script></td>
   <td class="row1" align="center" valign="middle" height="50"><span class="gensmall"><b>File Size:</b> %item-size%&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Hits:</b> %item-dl-count%<br /><b>Date:</b> %item-modified%</span></td>
   <td class="row1" align="center" valign="middle" height="50"><span class="gensmall"><a href="javascript:LoadMOV('http://%host%%encoded-folder%%item-url%')"><img src="/template/icons/quicklink/wmp.gif" width=24 height=24/></a><img src="/template/images/spacer.gif" width="16" height="0" /><a href="%item-url%"><img src="/template/icons/quicklink/download.gif" alt="" border="0" height="24" width="24" /></a><br /><div id="mp3%item-name%"></div></span></td>

And then in the Header I have:

Code: [Select]
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- This is used to play AVI movies in a new marquee window -->

function LoadMOV(URL) {

   HTMLstring+='<TITLE>Streaming Movie</TITLE>'\n;
   HTMLstring+='<EMBED src=URL width=&#34;820&#34; height=&#34;640&#34; scale=&#34;aspect&#34; autoplay=&#34;true&#34; controller=&#34;true&#34; loop=&#34;false&#34; bgcolor=&#34;#000000&#34; pluginspage=&#34;;>'\n;

But the alert returns the attached JPG:

The problem is, the code works fine with double-quotes, but I can't get double-quotes in the javascript to work, so I tried to use &#34; in place of the quotes. The [\n] is supposed to be a CRLF, but that's not working either in HFS, but is working in my test code.

Has anyone implemented DivX AVI streaming another way or does anyone have any ideas how to make this work??


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i'm not a js-expert, but i guess \n should be inside the quotes, not outside.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried that and I got an error stating something about an unterminated string value...

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Remove the breaks altogether... and do it all in...

obj.write(' ');
obj.write(' ');
obj.write(' ');

Also, put a backslash before each " so \"value\"

without the backslash you are closing the string early.