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slow transfers- 0-8kb/s per second

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how can i increase the speed of downloads and internet connection is adsl 1/mb.i don't realy know the program well so i don't know if it works that slow usualy..tnx for the answer.

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ask about your UPLOAD speed to your internet provider.
if they tell you kbps, you have to divide by 8 to get speed in kb/s.

remember that in ADSL downoad and upload have different speeds.

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... my internet connection is adsl 1/mb...
I assume your ADSL connection is limited to 1Mb(its) download.
Most Internetproviders don't advertise upload speeds. Subscriptions of 1Mb DL mostly correspond with Upload speeds of 128 - 256 kbits. Because some overhead bits during transmission divide your DL&UL by 10 to get the real speed in kbytes, in your case: DL (max) ~ 100kB/s and UL ~12.8kB/s - 15.6kB/s depending on your subscription.
Your vistors can download from you only with your maximum upload speed, which is quite low; uploading to your server would be max. 100kb/s or their max. upload speed, depending what's less.
You can increase your speed by getting a better subscription (at higher costs). Best consumer offer in my country is 20Mb/s down / 1Mb/s up for 20Euro/month excl. the subsription for the phoneline, which is minimal 10 Euro/month. The 20Mb/s is only achievable in close neighbourhood of the distribution center. DL of 1-1.5 MB/s are more realistic and only seen on well equipped servers (FTP). Normal internet downloads varies from 50 - 300 kB/s depending on traffic.
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for me at 110/120 Ko/s - at most for up and for one user only - well it's about 350Mo per hour >:( ....
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