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Lets Dare.... whe need new ideas in templates....

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hey guys!
well i started this thread to ask, bag, implore to the others, until the new hfs version come up, lets try to padronize the templates, to improve the default template, to make other new templates using css, xhtml, jsp, any other thing, im trying to use the autoplay media studio and flash to create a template builder, one that make easy to edit and preview the template without using it on the hfs, but im the worst programer that i know..... rsrsrrsr well, at least im trying, well thats it guys, all i am asking is to keep trying and updating or even better , to try the mos improbable things and the others that where never used, or do like me, copyng and studing the other templates, hey guys! im finally learning web design and development, i know a little of asp vb script and php+mysql, i canĀ“t wait until the hfs give support to it...
and until it comes out, well, im trying to learn and create something, not exactly new, but at least "create"....

sorry for my poor english, and sorry about my manners.........
i did not wanted to hurt anybody feelings...