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Wanted Feature: Auto-removal of additions after time.

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Specifically, from the context menu.

Let me explain more into detail. When I add stuff through the context menu in explorer, it's usually just something I want to share fast and temporarily. What I'd like is: I can add a file, and it would remove itself after a certain time limit from the virtual file system.

So, my proposal: Add somewhere in the options, to make it so additions added from context menu only last a certain time, and make it so if its left blank, it's disabled.

It would be useful for me, and probably for others as well.

I didn't bother searching the forums for it, because I don't really know what to search for.

Thanks in advance. Oh, and in case it is already in HFS, excuse me then. I searched through the list a long while, but couldn't find something that functions like that...

Well, keep up the good work!

Aziere out.

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Quote from: "Aziere"
and make it so if its left blank, it's disabled.
i did not understand this sentence.

anyway, the feature is not there, yet.
i would like to know
1. how many people are interested in such feature
2. if it should be actually limited to the "add to hfs" command

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that seems like a nice feature as to know if everybody will use it i doubt it but it is surely usefull in some situation

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Agreed. :^^:

I think the best solution is to let one enable it for each folder seperately. That way you could have a folder 'temporary' where additions last 1200 seconds (example) while the others are permanent.

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Quote from: "rejetto"
Quote from: "Aziere"
and make it so if its left blank, it's disabled.
i did not understand this sentence.

I just meant it opens a field for you to type in the duration. And if you leave it blank, the feature is disabled. Sorry for bad wording.

Personally, I would like it to limit "Add to HFS". Since you can add stuff through the VFS view as well. Though as I said, having it open a field for you to type in the duration would be the best. Like: Menu->Other Options->Addition Duration for Shell Context Menu (or something that sounds better)

Then you could type in: 300. Then when you add stuff through the shell context menu, it's shared for 300 seconds. And when the duration is over, Let Download and Let Browse is disabled for the File/Folder. (Instead of removing it from the VFS, so one could easily open HFS and just enable it permanently. Well, removal ain't that bad either.)

Or something like that. Just an idea I had. Personally I use HFS to instantly share files with people. Like pictures I take and such. But it feels like such a hassle to open it up all the time and remove what I have added.

As for how many would think it would be useful, I don't think that many would. It's really just to make what I do more hasslefree, and I'm sure I'm in the minority over how I use HFS.