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Server Speeds Slow For Some Users

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I'm going to ask a simple question and hope it has a simple answer.  There's a friend of mine who lives in New York and he get's TERRIBLE speeds when connecting to my server.  I've been using HFS for about a year now and it's been like this since day 1.  Way before I installed the RAWR template.  I designed my own template and used that before....but I also went back to the default template just in case it was something I mucked up in the code.  Nothing helped.  I've been putting it off for some time, but he's fed up and I don't blame him.  Most of my users can get 5mbps+ but he can get like.....1.2kps-4.6kps.  He has a 2mbps connection, but he also has some wacko obscure ISP.  He lives out in the middle of nowhere and he has an ISP that's exclusive to his town.  Could it just be a connection issue and not an issue with HFS at all?  Perhaps something between the ISP's?  That's what I'm thinking because no matter what I do his speeds are so slow.  Even some guy from deep in Africa (don't know where the heck that guy came from or how he found my server) get's faster speeds on my server than my friend does.

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the first thing to try is using a different software than HFS.
like an ftp server, or anything that will anyway be direct from you to him.
if the speed keeps low, than now you know it's nothing about HFS, and start investigating on other gears.


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Well I set up a forum through Windows Server 2008 and he seems to still be getting slow speeds.  I guess it's not HFS.  This really sucks. :(