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Please rejetto, do a brazillian forum....

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hey my friend rejetto, me and a friend want to give you a little hel in your forum  and help to develop and share the hfs template in a fórum to all guys in here, but we can give the support in portuguese brazillian, and we do know something about program and html/xml
ifou have some free time, consider this proposal and let me know...
i have 3 servers on my responsability, i could mirror anything to the forum
sorry about my poor anglish, but i´m in a hurry now, and my son is calling me to play....
see ya

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i already replied to the same request for a spanish forum.
you are welcome to post here in brazillian if you like, and many other languages.
If i see there are many users with many posts in the same language, then i will be happy to create a specific forum, just as i did for the russian forum.

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A french and a german forum would be nice too. :)
on as Yves67St and YvesSt67, reachable particularly during european afternoon and evening hours, GMT+1. My servers are online 16/24h and 7/7d.