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Help with hfs settin up rss audio streaming to the psp

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i got everything to work through lan and all and the port forwarding set up through my router but when i switch everything over to run through my external address i get the prompt to put my username and pass for my dsl login

is there a way to bypass that

and is there a way to use rss audio streaming over lan to the psp from my computer because when i do it the channel on my psp says no items available (using feedforall)

any help would be most apreciated

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Are you sure you entereing the correct external IP?
Can you give more details or try to connect thru proxy f.e.
No idea about rss audio streaming, sorry.
OT: You could help me by testing I'm just testing. Upload your comments. Thx

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Did you make a separate RSS file for your external IP that’s how I did it I have a LaNRSS and an InternetRSS file so that when I am home I use the LaNRSS file and when I am over the internet I use InternetRSS file also you cant have your RSS file or music files that the RSS file uses under password protected folders on HFS here is my server hope this helps you. :^^:

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