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hfs and gigabit .....not the top

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i just made a  test between 2 pc with gigabit card and it is not the top .

I have a very bad flow.

transfert with windows : 250 Mo - > 11s (=20Mo/s)
( in 100Mbits , the maximum is 9 Mo/s: it is normal )

With HFS, i have more than 1 minute.
I have the same delay with ftp.

Is there a limitation in HFS or FTP ?
Is someone can try again .
Thanks you.

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yes, as far as i know, windows file sharing (SMB) is faster than any other.
don't know why.
i know of people using HFS in LAN, just because SMB sometimes refuses to work.
anyway, if you know of a significantly faster program, let me know.

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Hello :D :D

Sorry for my poor english.

I'm using 100M broadband network .

if i use the HFS software to share the file with other 100M broadband user
max speed around 4xxx KB/s  (4x Mbps)

But ...
if i use the Apache http server
max speed can reach around 11xxx KB/s (9x Mbps)


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Yes I also notice that HFS runs slower than some others.  Don't know why. Must be the code.