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Stealth mode

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It is allways better when nobody sees that you use messenger than someone sees. Those chat windows firmly shows that you chat.  If ICQ is forbidden on the workplace, but you still use it that means that you have one or two VERY important people, who like you sit on their workplaces and havent internet at home.

Why dont make stealth mode? There can be a lot of conceptions. For example:

There is a tiny black bar on the top of the screen. Mouse dont go there.
There is a icon in the system tray. When you get a new message it changes color. Also, when you click this icon with a shift held, you get popup menu where you can switch user who you chat with.
You then press hotkey. Received message appears on the bar in the top of the screen.
You press another hotkey. You can now type your message. Of course, if you press Alt+Tab before Enter, bar turns solid black again.