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color settings in 0.9

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TO: those of you who already use 0.9
ABSTRACT: how to set your own colors/fonts

colors/fonts settings are managed via themes
i think it is better to have 1 system, cause this is able to do the whole thing
to speed up personal setttings it there could be a GUI, but it will save it as a theme
at the moment there's no GUI for editing those settings

the best way to create your personal setting is to create a new theme and to include the default theme via the include command

You should use a text editor, as the nefandous notepad and save the file as thosebeautifulpersonalsettingsilike.theme.ini in the themes folder of &RQ. In this file you will specify all your fonts and colors.

My advice is to take a look at the default.theme.ini, to have an idea of syntax to use.

Inside your personal theme file you have to put something similar to this

Code: [Select]
&RQ theme file version 1

title = My theme
include = default.theme.ini
Here is my personal theme

bg.color = 888888

bg.color = FFFFFF
his.font.color = 773322
his.font.size = 10

i only put in this few settings
to know how to change other settings, check default.theme.ini

Understand colors

The easiest way to specifiy a color is to write it in the html format, that is 6 characters, the first 2 specify the amount of RED, the second 2 the amount of GREEN and the last two the amount of BLUE.
Each pair of characters denotate a number in hexadecimal format. I won't explain here the hex format.

The other way to specify a color is to use Delphi's colors names.
Why i introduced this? Cause let you specify certain things you can't in the html format. There are, in facts, certain names that does not match any fixed color, but that refer to system colors. So they change as the system colors change. This can be important making themes. In particular for the default theme. Here goes a table from Delphi help file
Code: [Select]
Value Meaning
clScrollBar Current color for the of scroll bar track.
clBackground Current background color of the Windows desktop
clActiveCaption Current color of the title bar of the active window
clInactiveCaption Current color of the title bar of inactive windows
clMenu Current background color of menus
clWindow Current background color of windows
clWindowFrame Current color of window frames
clMenuText Current color of text on menus
clWindowText Current color of text in windows
clCaptionText Current color of the text on the title bar of the active window
clActiveBorder Current border color of the active window
clInactiveBorder Current border color of inactive windows
clAppWorkSpace Current color of the application workspace
clHighlight Current background color of selected text
clHightlightText Current color of selected text
clBtnFace Current color of a button face
clBtnShadow Current color of a shadow cast by a button
clGrayText Current color of text that is dimmed
clBtnText Current color of text on a button
clInactiveCaptionText Current color of the text on the title bar of an inactive window
clTeal Teal clBtnHighlight Current color of the highlighting on a button
cl3DDkShadow Windows 95 or NT 4.0 only: Dark shadow for three-dimensional display elements
cl3DLight Windows 95 or NT 4.0 only: Light color for three-dimensional display elements (for edges facing the light source)
clInfoText Windows 95 or NT 4.0 only: Text color for tool tip controls
clInfoBk Windows 95 or NT 4.0 only: Background color for tool tip controls
clGradientActiveCaption Windows 98 or Windows 2000: Right side color in the color gradient of an active window's title bar. clActiveCaption specifies the left side color.
clGradientInactiveCaption Windows 98 or Windows 2000: Right side color in the color gradient of an inactive window's title bar. clInactiveCaption specifies the left side color.
clDefault The default color for the control to which the color is assigned.

Fonts style
it is a sequence of characters, each character specify an attribute, if the character is not written the attribute is off.
Code: [Select]
Characters  /  Attribute
b  / [b]bold[/b]
u  / [u]underline[/u]
i  /  [i]italic[/i]

Fonts names
A list of fonts separated by ;
If the first font is not available on the system, the second one is used, and so on...