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Using HFS as an HTTP Server

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I placed this is the wrong section so i am reposting it here, thanks

Hi all, I
 am using the latrest version and found i can host an html page as someone mention earler.
I would like to know how i can have it host my html page and have tab to the default page of HFS, well i dont know what HTML code i can place in the HTML for the Tab to the default page.

on another not,
Is there a way i can place a banner on any of the pages as i cant seem to get that bit to work.

by the way
this is a great program, you guys/girls deserve the key to the city.


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It shoud be very easy But
if we could only make %symbols% and [tags] of our own
:) >:(

ps:i am sorry for my bad english

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i did not understand
try describing what users should see visiting your website


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I think he wants to add his own customized html to HFS templates so he can add tables/graphics even google adsense or banners.