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I use HFS with netlimiter to limit the speed of downloads.

It seems that if i enable a limit to HFS in netlimiter then
when there is a download the hfs windows doesn't responds.

The dl is successfull and after it complited I 'get back" hfs,
but not until then.

Does anyone else use netlimiter too?


PS: there was a nother case: i added a big folder with many big
files. I exited hfs and is saved the vfs. after this i wanted to start
it again. It said "loading vfs" or sg like that but after this message
it disappeared and didn't show up on the tray. It was running but
there was no window. I killed it from processmanager and restartad
it and it was working ok.

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why do you need netlimiter for HFS ? HFS  has it's internal spee limit-control ?!