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an FTP server

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I don't know any better place to ask this.

I love HFS. Do u know any _FTP_ server which is similar to HFS?
I know that HFS is a http server but i mean similar in:
- small size
- fast
- easy-to-use
- easy-to-config
- configurable
- best of its kind. :)



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You might try FileZilla.   They have both a client and a server app.


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You can try this ftp server for free. It can support single file or folder for virtual file system. Also, it supports chinese name dir or files no any problem at all. B)

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You can also try the free warftp server


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It seems like warftp server does not support virtual file system and drag & drop to add files.



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Try BLACKMOON FTP server .. free, easily configurable, and works reliably.