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so how exaclty... ?

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Just came to the site ... noticed that many dates were outdated of news posts and after looking a bit saw the little text on the main page that &RQ isn't developed anymore. Then read something about &RQ.NET on it too and went here to the forums ... first clicked on "&RQ Reborn Project" cos' that seemed logic but it wasn't about this new client and finally ended here.

Now my question is : it's not all clear to me ... what is this reborn project? Where to find the .NET thingy (only via the CVS?), who develops it, who leads the project, etc.

Small hint : maybe make it more clear on the main page that &RQ isn't developed anymore ;)




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O yes, forgot to ask : is it already completely converted to C# or just partially?

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the &RQ.NET project has stopped because i didn't find the way i was searching for

it may come in the future, but don't wait for it

the "reborn" project wants to continue the old &RQ
i'm not directly involved, but i support it as i can


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Thanks for the decent answer, cheers mate!