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Importing bulky contact lists?

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Greetings [all]

I wonder if there's a way to import or enter contacts on an specific UIN by editing files or in blocks, instead of manually adding them one by one, since they're too many. An ICQ contacts .db file for that uin is not available right away and I would not be willing to artificially install icqPRO and save dbs locally just to import stuff in the end...

Any hint would be welcome

Thank you!

Kareen D

P.S.: A darn good job, this &RQ script!! Congrat. to you who wrote it!
areen D
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the &RQ contact list is a simple text file: contact.list.txt
you can enter an UIN in each row
is this helpful to you?


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It not only helped but also solved the problem!
Game&Match for you.

How nice is your software.

Thank you so much. :)