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all contacts offline => but they are really online

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Guys don't worry about this problem anymore  :D  I have no such problem with my favourite &RQ from now  :!:
Miranda and Trillian bullshit, &RQ rulez forever!

xT [595555]

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has nothing to do with &rq, miranda or trillian...kinda server bug


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Was not a bug, they tryes to fuck all side-client users, but we start to expirement with server - so Miraba made rollback.
I've registred 3 new numbers, and i think a lot of people in tries do the same, so they was DOSed :)


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Although this problem is gone, it ist just a matter of time before the next one will appear. Communication with ICQ2003b and ICQLiteV4 already causes other problems. It doesn't make any sense to use a client which is no longer under development.


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Right now &RQ is experiencing it’s pre-mortem convulsions.

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&RQ.NET is not so near: i've been programming a mail server in C++ for the last month, for a university exam.
in the last 2 months i was not able to spend any time on my personal projects.
it IS a good idea for those who don't want to wait, to use another software.
and time will tell if &RQ.NET will be worth.

if &RQ sources were well-written, someone else would have been working on them while i was unavailable.
this is another point for a full rewriting, with open-source in mind.