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Small drag&drop problem

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I use total commander so i added HFS into it's toolbar.

Now if a drag a file (hfs is not running) and drop it to
HSF's icon it starts HFS immidiately and shares the
file. This is great and i love this thing.

But my little problem is that is i drag&drop
this is a file.txt, in HFS it will show as
It works fine. I mean the file is reachable and downloadable
but this is not too nice filename.

What can i/u do about this?



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check that -ONLY  menu->url-encoding->encode-non-ascii is selected in that menu.
Or play with those settings and see...

I think somehow you are in a 9.3 chars. DOS mode  ...

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I think the problem is something else because for
example if hfs is running and i drag&drop a file into it's
windows (for ex. this is a file éáéúõ.txt) it works fine.

Of if i add any file manually it works fine.

The "bad" thing only happens when i drag&drop a file
on it's icon which starts hfs.

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i guess TC is passing the 8.3 filename to HFS, for compatibility matters

read TC documentation to avoid this problem