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Hello people, may I know why you deleted my post?... (sorry if I published it in the wrong place). My name is Francisco, I am from Argentina, and a while ago I discovered HFS and I would like to know which "Dynamic DNS" providers work best with HFS. I don't want to use (because it requires checking my account every 30 days) or (because it is not free) so I am looking for an alternative that is easy to configure. Please don't delete my message. I really need to know which 'dynamic DNS' works best with HFS. (I don't speak English, this text was translated by Google).
Thank you!!! :D
(I don't speak English, my english text is Google translation)
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Hi, and welcome to the forum! :) I've answered you in the other post HERE (in spanish). You can try DuckDNS (but it's untested by me, but as far I know, it doesn't expire and works well with HFS). Other users can give you a better answer (I usually use HFS on my LAN only).
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