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Sometimes system icons don't look good on the web, and they can slow the operations.
Some templates are already doing without.

I've voted for "I don't care if they are different. I just want them to be nice.", but it would be nice if an option is left (on HFS's menu) to enable the old feature (if the user wants). Unicode icons (as well as emojis) are nice, but some operating systems doesn't have complete support for them. So, even if you use unicode icons by default (which are nice), if you leave an option on HFS, then users could enable that feature again (for getting icons from the server). Well, it's just my opinion... :)

In main.dfm : usesystemiconsChk
Isn't this option already optional?

But I don't remember, maybe it is just for the treeview (GUI).

(I vote 2, and 1 too) :)
I hesitate, because the current system, is practical to locate among many files of different genres.

My mother used to tell me about beautiful girls: 'beauty cannot be eaten in salads'.
Maybe it's the same for system icons ... Not pretty, but we can love them anyway.  ::)

Personally, I don't care if there is an icon on the template buttons, but I like that files and folders have a significant icon.

Mask icons may be sufficient ... but this requires intervention by HFS admin.

@leo, the icons we are using are not using unicode or emojis. It's a dedicated font, like the old 'wingdings' font

:) Yes, I already know that v2.4 is using embed fonts in CSS (currently using Font Awesome, with Fontello to make the file smaller and only load the icon fonts that you need). Remember this post? ;) (I was who suggested you to use Fontello).

I thought you were going to change all those embed icons for unicode icons (like on DJ's templates). Since you said "some templates are already doing without", the first thing I thought you were planning to use unicode icons (instead of using WebFonts). Sorry for my misunderstanding... :-[

Are you planing to remove that feature then? (of getting icons for files and folders from the server's system). For me it's OK :) (if you do this to clean up the source code), I personally don't care too much about this, since the current 'webfonts' are perfect (but I personally don't like unicode icons too much).


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