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strange pipe and other character requests?

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I have been getting connections like this and am wondering what it could be, and how to disconnect any request like it. Any advice?

Offline rejetto

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why do you say "connections" ? i see a dialog with the pipe, but  it's not clear what this is about

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personally, I could not identify the origin of the appearance of this dialog box

maybe any macro?

dialog | A | B | C
    display a server-side message in a dialog box. A is the message itself, and only required parameter. B are options separated by spaces, and C a title for the dialog.
    Possible options are

        offers buttons OK and CANCEL
        offers buttons YES and NO
        offers buttons YES, NO and CANCEL
        this is an error reporting dialog
        this is a questioning dialog
        this is a warning dialog
        this is an informational dialog

I managed to reproduce its display simply by
{.dialog | {.no pipe ||.}.}
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@Bugger: I guess that dialog window appears when you do a right click on a incoming connection, and choose 'View http request', isn't it? (I mean, that window doesn't show up automatically). In that case, that connection could be related to a response from the server to a banned user (I'm just guessing, not sure about it). If you share more details (at least, privately with Rejetto), I'm sure he could give you a more appropriate answer to this. It would be nice to know if you are using the default template, and if you have any 'ban' rule. To help you, we need more details on how and when that window appears...
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