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help! no action buttons on my template! (again!)


I've been experimenting with adding separate scrolling columns to my template so i can have all the boxes displayed at once. i got the two columns to scroll separately, but now the buttons in the "select" and "actions" boxes are missing. there are also no checkboxes next to the files. this is the second time this has happened while i was changing things, and i'd like to know how to avoid it.

what causes this? / how can I fix it? My current (broken) template and a screenshot are below. thanks for the help!

??? what casued this was a additon of code that no longer alows for that code to run. we would need you template or html code to further diagnose

Thanks for the reply! My friend found a stray right curly bracket, got rid of it, and the buttons came back, so it was probably a leftover from something I tried to do. I'll make sure to be more thorough next time I'm looking for a bug.


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