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No ip, https and ssl

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Hi, I have set up no ip. I have purchased SSL on no ip, and in order to set it up it asks me to set up CSR, where can I find it? And also will my website be https, after setting up?
I have read that you need to use Stunnel or something like that, but I don't know how

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??? CSR ...

No IP can't give your hfs secure tunels.

No IP just needs your public IP and a port for for forwarding the domain name to the site...

You will problay have to setup hfs and stunnel and run the open SSL key creation and send the cert off to no IP for https forwarding. As the domain name doesn't encrpt your traffic to the server.
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@rokas2491: You need HFS 2.3e SSL 293i (by SilentPliz), which you can download here. Since that version uses OpenSSL + Stunnel, you need to follow a tutorial on how to generate CSR certificate with OpenSSL on Windows, which you can find it here. Besides that, you need to have 'some' knowledge about what you are doing (I'm NOT an expert on that), or you should probably ask for assistance to the support team of (that in case you don't get this working). It would be nice if you could keep us updated with the final results of this, and comment if my answer was useful or not (to keep this as future reference for other users) :)
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