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I would like to share my family photo's, is there a template that displays the photo thumbnail views in a webpage? I've seen one that attempts to do it but looks like you have to load all your pics into another app first to create them (I have too many to mess about like that).
Something that generates thumbnails on the fly and also a way of showing them one after the other like a slideshow would be good.


You can try the new standard-template with jpgimgthumbs and picturviewer addon.
This addon downloads only the first 64kB from images and extract the thumbnails.

If this don't work, because you have no thumbs in your jpegs, then try dnd_upload_thumb.
It generates thumbs on the fly on (dnd) upload. Create subfolder thumb.
You can also use querystringparameter ?onlythumb to create only thumbnails.

update: dnd_upload_advanced with querystringparameter ?auto creates thumbs from all pics (without upload)

Thanks, I'll try these and see how they work

how exactly do i install dnd upload thumb?

1. install the diff template in windows explorer:
 put the hfs.diff.tpl in your picture folder (wiki for diff templates)
 in your picture folder create a subfolder named "thumb"

2. usage in browser:
 navigate to your picture folder
 drag the picture to upload to the Upload button and drop it
 the picture get uploaded to the picture folder and simultaneously a small picture get uploaded to the thumb folder


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