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what's new
Please go to:
Menu > updates > check for news/updates

what's new
+ initial localization support [link]
+ {.remove header.}
- fixed error pages' loading problem [link]
- fixed error with {.load.} with size exceeding real size
- fixed template translation issues

Great!, we finally have the first stable version of 2018!... :)

Don't forget to upload the sources file ( in (which is linked here, in the download section), or if it's easier for you, you can upload it directly, here on your server. The 'What's new' section needs also to be updated (since it's listing updates until version 2.3k) ;)


thanks for your help, Leo :)

I just had some vacations and could take care of a few things here. Also had to make a few sysadmin tasks for the website itself.
I'd like to make the default template mobile friendly, now, but i'm not sure the time left is enough.

Nice work rejetto, thank you.

Great to see a new release :)
Been using this great software for two years now !


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