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This server is amazing

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Hi, found this on a search engine, and truly it is the most amazing server ever. And its free and safe too.
I have tried, apache, filezilla, and many others and just gave up in the end.
This one, downloaded in no time,  2mb, opened it without the need to install, and its away,
dragged files into the virtual window, (mp3s and other test files),
and the files were received on all other network items in the house (phones tablets, using the usua 192.168 ... etc)
I also love the way one can instantly change port number, and having changed the port number to (eg) 5***  or 55*** or other values, and allowing the port number in port forwarding in my router, the files are now accessible beyond the network, using my current ip address from
BRILL, cant thank you enough, I totlaly recommend this server in every way, built by people who clearly love and enjoy programming.
I still have a lot to learn but within 10 minutes i was already publishing  my test files on the net to share with friends.
I also like the way the program saves its' state in an  .vfs  file ready to run again at any time.
Thanks again
Andy W

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Hi! and welcome! :)

I'm just a normal user, having the same feelings you have about this amazing program. Keep spreading the word about it, and feel free to participate on the forum, in any way you want.

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» Currently taking a break, until HFS v2.4 get his stable version.

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Well, finally after using this superb server for a few days, more or less mastered it, bearing in mind that it only took 10 minutes to get most of the features up and running anyway.
When I think how easy this server is, compared to networking several laptops with the windows networking method, and even more of a nightmare with other servers such as apache and filezilla and many others,
this HFS just beats the lot - and truly mean that.
UPLOADING files is a cinch, (multi uploads no problem too), with options to allow a user to upload files (safer) or anyone to upload files, again other options are to modify or delete etc etc, and if anyone uploads a similar file, the good thing is, this server will not overwrite the old one, instead it will assign a suffix to the end eg samesong.mp3,   samesong2.mp3
So basically, here we have a home networking, world wide networking, ftp, all in one .. and the ability to allow all users to exchange files which are just too large to send via email, a sort of "You send it..." feature.
The ability to add real folders and virtual folders, is very clever indeed, and the ability to add your own .tpl file, for a different homepage (or modify the current one). I am happy with the current default one, very neat, very tidy, and would next like to get into .tpl file editing, which looks a lot harder than your plain html, but thats something for the future.
So overall, if you're fed up with windows home networking (and it really is a pain), and all the other servers which take a lifetime to master, then this HFS server is the true answer, for networking from within your network or thousands of miles away.
That reminds me, I really must make a donation, this is worth every penny.
(would defonately not recommend using port 80, and in windows 10, I think you have to disable the 'world wide web publishing service' to use port 80 anyway), would suggest, [perhaps I am wrong here], but use high values, so the scammers take too long to find you, if ever, eg 56480  (random number here not the one I am actually using), and perhaps even change it now and then, which would mean, perhaps notifying all your users of the port change.  - but this is not important (just my thoughts to be honest) - thanks again - please also keep spreading the word.
(It was actually harder logging into my router to add a new port forwarding rule than to set up this server!!) - wish routers could be as easy as this server.

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hi Andy,
i'm happy it's useful for you :)
i'd just like to have more time to improve it, as currently i can barely fix bugs