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Does &rq store the contact-list online? I have lost all my contacts =( this morning &rq just said 'readerror blabla' on every file on my user =(


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searched my disk with an hexeditor after some known icq-numbers.. got back 330 of around 410 numbers.. better than nothing.. my logs ar still intact, but my grouping is gone too,, donno why,, just rebooted my computer after 35days uptime.. a bug in &rq ? my reboot went clean without any error from any program whatsoever...

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no, it does not save the list online.

i always advice to backup your user. i never lost data with &RQ since 0.1, but it is beta software, and you can never say. just zip the user folder sometimes and don't fear the reaper.

grouping is determined by db file and groups.ini file